Weird Al: Word Crimes

There’s simply no one cooler than Weird Al Yankovic.

If you ever doubted the curly headed parody artist’s cultural solvency, you’ve got another think coming. Weird Al Yankovic has been making culturally relevant parodies of mega-pop-hits since the 1980′s, and has a longer track record than some of our most lauded musicians. One might argue that he’s simply piggy backing on artists throughout the past 3 decades, however if you pay close attention Weird Al doesn’t simply mock songs that are popular to gain popularity of his own. Instead, Weird Al takes songs that have gained pop culture traction and turns them into hilarious anecdotes, and at his best he makes them into social commentaries. The first Beyoncé like video instalment came in the form of Tacky, a parody of Pharrell’s Happy, a tune that inspires happiness in few. Tacky provides hilarious insight into the strange hipster culture that continues to potter along, fuelled incessantly by social media. “I would live-tweet a funeral, take selfies with the deceased” with his particular brand of absurdism, Weird Al gleans insight into some of the more peculiar developments in human nature.

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