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I’m Gonna Stop You Right There – Book Squad Goals

Overcoming Mansplaining in Gimlet Media’s Homecoming Ten minutes and forty seconds into the first episode of the Homecoming podcast, David Schwimmer deadpans: “Heidi, I’m gonna stop you right there.” It’s a situation that many women have found themselves in countless times — their expert opinions being overridden by mansplainers. In Homecoming, the role of women — in particular, Heidi Bergman — is pivotal, deeply frustrating, and also true to life. In this way, Homecoming is a show that makes the point of view of women a dynamic and realistic one. Read more…

Becoming A Parent’s Parent – Creative Nonfiction Magazine

  In Creative Nonfiction #64: “Adaptation,” writers search for new normals. From the eroding shores of Georgia’s barrier islands to the national parks of Alaska to the suburbs sprawling into the Arizona desert, we try to keep up—personally, politically, scientifically—with our rapidly changing world. Plus, how other forms, including performance art and handiwork, are influencing creative nonfiction; memoirs by daughter-caretakers; Beth Ann Fennelly writes “micro-memoir”; Nicole Walker sees the braided essay as a form of political resistance; tiny truths; and more. Order a single issue or subscribe today. All new subscriptions start with CNF #64.

Electronic Jungle – CC Magazine

The musical ecosystem is a close and co-dependent world. Its biodiversity depends on very disparate species, mechanisms, and players all working together. There are a lot of ways to become part of this system; a person who interacts with music, whether on a professional or consumption basis, is part of that ecosystem. As a music journalist, I am a professional consumer of music. I make a living and spend most of my free time enjoying, writing about, listening to, and critiquing music in its many forms. But I also spend a lot of time just listening to it because I love it… click image to read full story

IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Was Groped at the “Pussy Power” Rally at Trump Tower – XOJane

“I would quite honestly bet a large sum of money that this shrill liberal harpie is talking unmitigated BS.” A few days ago, I broke the cardinal rule of internet journalism: I read the comments. I’m usually good at avoiding that cesspool. As a freelance writer, I know better. But this time it was different. This time, the article wasn’t by me — it was about me. The story this commenter was referring to was my “claim” that I had been groped at a rally outside Trump Tower on Tuesday, October 19. As I read the full comment, I felt my heart beginning to slam against my chest. I don’t mind being called a liberal harpy, or shrill. (Though, if the commenter knew me, they’d know my voice is actually fairly deep.) What enraged me was the ease with which my claim, my story, my voice, was dismissed. I can’t quite start off my story by saying I was “minding my own business,” which is what a lot of my friends who’ve been groped can …