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Electronic Jungle – CC Magazine

The musical ecosystem is a close and co-dependent world. Its biodiversity depends on very disparate species, mechanisms, and players all working together. There are a lot of ways to become part of this system; a person who interacts with music, whether on a professional or consumption basis, is part of that ecosystem. As a music journalist, I am a professional consumer of music. I make a living and spend most of my free time enjoying, writing about, listening to, and critiquing music in its many forms. But I also spend a lot of time just listening to it because I love it… click image to read full story

Interview with Bayside’s Nick Ghanbarian – Noise Cannon

The Forum is a-buzz with gig-goers all lined up outside waiting eagerly for Alkaline Trio to take the stage. What most of the fans don’t know is inside an equally formidable and talented act is up first- Bayside. Upstairs their rigorous sound check is audible through the creaking floors. As silence descends upon the venue, the squeal of the dressing room door is almost deafening; enter Bayside’s bassist Nick Ghanbarian. A punk-ified James Dean, Ghanbarian sports a toothpick that he rolls between his lips deftly, chewing on in pensive moments. He takes a seat across the couch as The Forum roars into life again. Read more…

I Had Afternoon Tea with a One Direction Tribute Band

Can’t afford Harry Styles for your birthday? Only One Direction sing, dance and flirt with wild abandon, just like the real band There are several rules that every 20-something single female living in a major city should adhere to. I should think that one of them is probably not to invite five random men into your flat for a cup of tea on a Saturday afternoon. But for this article, that was precisely my plan. Of course, the words ‘One Direction tribute band’ don’t exactly ring of danger – ridiculousness, however, most definitely. This was how I came to find Matt Brinkler, Jamie Searls, Henry Allan, Lauchlan Edward Bain, and Andy Fowler in my living room, singing, wrestling, dropping unintended sexual innuendos and drinking tea in zebra print mugs, all under the guise of talking about their ventures as Only One Direction, the best 1D tribute band around (or so they tell me). The concept of the tribute band has been around for decades, filling the gap when acts have disbanded or been left eternally fractured by the …