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Get In Her Ears

This week, Mari was joined in the studio by journalist Gabriella Geisinger. They played a great selection of music, including tunes from Peggy Sue, Gaptooth, Grip Tight and Jesca Hoop, and had a bit of a chin wag about the recent Reclaim The Night event and amazing charities such as Sisters Uncut. Listen back to the show here:

Ida Wenøe: Time Of Ghosts – Gigslutz

The striking, bleakness that opens Ida Wenøe’s ‘Lyla’, the lead single from her new album Time of Ghosts, is breath-taking – a whip of cold wind that sucks the air from your lungs. It is no surprise to learn that Wenøe is Nordic. There is a stripped down, bareness to her sound that seems fitting to the modern perception of what it means to be Nordic. Yet, Wenøe’s dulcet voice offers a warmth and solace despite the melancholy lyrics. Wenøe skilfully combines the sounds of Americana with English folk undertones, all shadowed by the noir-ness of her Nordic background. Time of Ghosts is a journey through a new kind of folk. One that puts to rest the Mumford & Sons pop-edge in favour of a bare honesty. Opening track ‘Changing of the Seasons’ is a soft and pleasant, albeit quite long, introduction to Wenøe’s sound. That particular melding, heavy on the Americana in this instance. Not only sonically but also in its themes; changing seasons, train stations, journeys. Read More…

Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit @ St. John Hackney – Gigslutz

It’s hard not to equate a gig to a spiritual experience when it takes place in a church. The acoustics are perfect, the audience is rapt, and the lighting is usually simple, but effective. This was the case when Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit took the stage at St. John at Hackney. This is the only time I will mention this hackneyed metaphor, because what Flynn and his band delivered wasn’t divine or heavenly: it was human. Real, down to earth musical talent that just so happened to take place in a holy space. The set list was comprised of old classics and more recent material. It was clear that the die-hard fans had already memorised the words to the newer songs. Yet, even during the most well known ones, the audience sing-along wasn’t as overwhelming as one might expect. Whether out of respect for Flynn, or simply wanting to hear his dulcet singing, not the kid next to you, one can’t be too sure. The few moments where the audience let loose came …

Laura Marling: Semper Femina – Gigslutz

For months the public has been teased with a variety of singles from Laura Marling’s much anticipated Semper Femina. After mounting anticipation, it has arrived, and shattered every expectation. Written during a self-confessed ‘masculine’ time in Marling’s life, the opening track ‘Soothing’ is just that. It is strikingly dissimilar to the singles released so far, and to Marling’s previous work. It is pared down, with blood-thumping percussion. It whets the appetite for Marling’s introspective work, whose title translates to ‘Always Woman’. Read more.. 

Electronic Jungle – CC Magazine

The musical ecosystem is a close and co-dependent world. Its biodiversity depends on very disparate species, mechanisms, and players all working together. There are a lot of ways to become part of this system; a person who interacts with music, whether on a professional or consumption basis, is part of that ecosystem. As a music journalist, I am a professional consumer of music. I make a living and spend most of my free time enjoying, writing about, listening to, and critiquing music in its many forms. But I also spend a lot of time just listening to it because I love it… click image to read full story