About The Writer

IMG_0223I’m a born-and-bred New Yorker, former competitive swimmer, and coffee lover. I attended the United Nations International School before heading to Connecticut College for her BA. There, while working with the community theatre, Flock Theatre, I received my college’s Margery F. Masinter Endowed Internship Award for outstanding work in the arts community. My senior thesis was an interview-based play titled Life With Three Little Letters, crafted from over a dozen interviews with New London AIDS Service Organisation members and clients.

Upon graduation, I interned at SPIN Magazine, where I was the only non-editorial intern to be featured on the website. This sparked a career in music journalism. I have over 50 “Top 5” Listicles published, alongside viral interviews, album reviews, a plethora of op-ed pieces, and many other music related pieces.

In 2013, I moved to London to pursue an MA in Creative Writing: Narrative Nonfiction from City, University of London, and graduated having completed a sixty thousand word memoir-dissertation The Many Lives of my Father. I continued to build an expansive freelance writing career. Branching out from music was the next step, and I’ve written about art festivals, politics for the Evening Standard, and personal essays, amongst much more.

Currently residing in South London, I’ve started the training journalism program at the Press Association and write about the things most important to me — social justice issues, particularly women’s rights, and arts & culture (pop and otherwise). You can ask me anything you like via email or social media. Check out my twitter for my character-limited thoughts on plenty of topics, from Great British Bake Off to Identity Politics, instagram for photos of what I’m up to, and last.fm for the music I’m currently digging. Above all else, they will feature the latest content I’ve published. ☆