About The Blog

“The Bayeux Tapestry is one example of why women’s history has complete disappeared. Because women tended to make things like this phenomenal piece of work but they didn’t sign it. We know the names of the man who commissioned it but we don’t know the names of the women who made it.” Sandi Toksvig

This blog was started after a fateful trip to Waterstones Islington Green branch, where I was searching for Jeannette Winterson’s Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal. On the second floor, where all nonfiction has been relegated, there is a massive table at the top of the stairs. I admired the collection, but soon realised that the display table, surely offering the best of their collection, was almost entirely male authors. To the right, near a pole, was a small table for ‘Feminist Books’. Caitlin Moran, amongst others, were piled together, away from the rest of nonfiction. I wondered why these women’s stories were put somewhere else, why they were qualified as being something other than true stories worth knowing. I wanted to see Mary Karr next to Phillip Roth, not set aside for people only interested in feminism.

This blog is both a lifestyle and feminist blog – for, in my case, one cannot exist without the other.