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Sophie Walker and WE Party: London Mayoral Hustings – Evening Standard

The mayoral hustings offered Sophie Walker, the Women’s Equality Party candidate, a chance to step into a public forum and she showed that she sees London from a different point of view.

Women are half of the population, and within that we are also made up of minorities, so I think Ms Walker could have shown support for intersectionality (the study of overlapping social identities). This was implied in her answers, such as when she discussed how transport needs to be user-friendly for mothers who may not own cars or when she spoke about the pay gap — including women who work part-time because they can’t afford childcare.

These undertones of inclusivity are a step in the right direction, and Ms Walker needs to address the needs of specific women for her rhetoric to turn into policy.

Women are made up of many subgroups and her participation last night showed her astute understanding of this. When she said “the WEP will make London better for everyone”, I think she truly meant it.

Originally Published in the Evening Standard

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