Rejoice! We’ll Never Make it Out Alive: Anarcho Folk Punk from Andrew Jackson Jihad

Like driving past a car crash, the music of Andrew Jackson Jihad is so shocking you can’t help but linger a moment longer than you should. Listening to People That Can Eat People are the Luckiest People in the World, iCrates took some kind of weird pleasure from being confronted with the dark, sadistic and repressed recesses of human desire, and suggests you do to.

Every once in a while there comes a band whose music is so astounding you can’t help but tell everyone about them. Usually, people are eager to listen (if you’ve got a good track record, that is). What I’ve found more often than not is when I try to get people to listen to “this really obscure anarcho-folk-punk band called Andrew Jackson Jihad” I am generally met with blank stares. Understandable. Andrew Jackson Jihad is a band that you either love or are completely horrified by. While most people would say it’s okay to be horrified by a band whose songs’ themes consist of rape, cannibalism, a sadistic god, and murder (and sometimes love), what’s more interesting is why people are so disgusted by these themes to begin with – and it’s for this reason why Andrew Jackson Jihad is so spectacular.

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