Benjamin Clementine @ KoKo

When one hears Benjamin Clementine for the first time, there is an element of being transported into another world. His velvety voice has just the right amount of grit in it. His expert piano playing has just enough frenetic energy in it. His interactions with the audience have just enough spontaneity to them. Those lucky enough to fill the room, and balconies, at Koko witnessed something incredible when Benjamin Clementine took the stage. Illuminated by a single shaft of light, bathed in Tyndall scattering, Clementine perched himself on the too-high-stool and wrapped his arms around his torso, as if he had just walked into a chilly, windy Paris metro station. As he unwound himself and placed his fingers upon the keys, gig-goers were instantly transported to his world, to the darkness and brilliance that lives inside Clementine’s mind.

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