Benjamin Clementine: Cornerstone

At long last the music world is graced with a truly unique and inimitable voice – that of one Benjamin Clementine. The singer-pianist, who moved to Paris at age 20, was born to Ghanian parents in North London – these three aspects of Clementine’s life are formidable parts of his sound. Defining that sound is difficult — one might be eager to lump him into the category of Norah Joneses and Chris Martins (emotional songwriters who are mildly apt at playing piano) but Clementine far outshines his genre. With a voice like red velvet cake and piano skills that send shivers down your spine, Clementine somehow crafts an almost Tom Waits-ian sound. His songs feel like narratives, and there is no separation between man and instrument. One might expect him simply melt into the piano, to fill its body with his soul – and it pours out of every tickled ivory, every well articulated word.

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