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Balance and Composure, The Band You Need to Know – Music Vita

Sometimes it feels as if we are running out of names for genres. Indie, shoe-gaze, dream pop, screamo – they all begin to fade into the ether, into a haze of amorphous sound. One such genre that has been steadily taking off is post-hardcore. A genre that sounds like emo grew up, came to terms with itself, began to listen to punk, and suddenly started to produce master artists – post-hardcore has a slew of bands that have taken off into the stratosphere of fame. After all, those teens who supported the emo genre in the early 2000s are grown up themselves. Despite the proliferation of the genre, there are several bands within it that can’t seem to crack the ice – perhaps a pitfall of supply vs. demand. Whatever the reason, the inimitable five-piece Balance and Composure are one such band.

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